Who Do You Think You Are? was a conceptual portrait project - a photographic time capsule of
22 of Matt's friends and family, made in creative partnership with the subject. They were set this challenge –
to work with him to create a new iconic character, alter ego or fantasy version of themselves...
or an image that characterised their relationship.

The Images
We tried to impose no restrictions on costume, props, make-up or location – which led us to
some interesting scenarios…hanging naked painted men from trees on Hampstead Heath, presenting
Brazilian dancers in Brixton pubs to coaxing porn stars in Soho. Matt and John shot two studio days,
5 location shoots and then it was a month in Photoshop for Matt…

The Film is a record of that process - see the final set of images below.  

Huge thanks to John, Peter Müller (top assistant), and everyone involved for
their support, enthusiasm and commitment to the process – a book is in the works.


The Exhibition
The subjects all knew each other but had not been allowed to discuss their concept
with each other - the 22 finished portraits were finally unveiled simultaneously in a purpose-built
gallery space…and the subjects all took their photos home with them. Happy days!

The 'Making of' 
Heres what we got up to in the woods, studios, Soho dive bars and porn channels stations.