deep clean

Another Hole in the Head, SF Indiefest WINNER - Best Sci-fi Audience Award
Knoxville Horror Film Festival WINNER - Best Director, Best Short
Frightfest Halloween, London AUDIENCE AWARD, 2nd place
Falcon Int. Film Festival WINNER - Sept Best Short
FilmsShort Festoval FINALIST

“A terrific short film - lots of gore and amazing creatures”

“I’m still in awe of Matt Harlock and Krent Able’s Deep Clean which 
undoubtedly stole the show and my heart, I can’t wait to see more of this.”

“the undoubted highlight of the day”
Unworldlyviews Frightfest round up

“If Ken Loach and John Carpenter had a baby…”
Ben Blaine

“Director Matt Harlock and Comic Artist Krent Able’s new creature feature short Deep Clean
brings the sensibilities of British Realism to the horror realm.”

Directors Notes article here

“Alongside the movies, there are a pair of great short films, Deep Clean starring Paul Kaye,
and the World Premiere of The Predicament.”

Starburst Magazine

“I’m still in awe of Matt Harlock’s and Krent Able’s film. Deep Clean undoubtedly stole
the show and my heart, I can’t wait to see more of this.”
Horror News

"a fantastic UK horror short" 
London needs a Deep Clean Screen Anarchy  

"Really looking forward to seeing a Krent Able demon monster
come to life on the big screen" 

Stuart Wright, Britflicks

"Every now and again a fantastic idea comes to fruition through the magic of crowd funding.”

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Ink, cocks & rock'n'roll

WINNER Sochi International Film Festival - Best Short
WINNER Film of the Month, July 2017 Shooting People
Fastnet Film Festival, Dublin, Ireland BEST DIRECTOR (nomination)
On Vous Ment Intl Mockumentary Festival, Lyon, France - OFFICIAL COMPETITION
Raindance Film Festival
, London BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY (nomination)

“A visceral, tangible immersive gore. Outrageous fun." 
Corin Hardy (dir. The Hallow, The Nun)

"Great piece of work - really opened a hidden can of cultural worms to dip my head into.” 
Marc Munden (dir. Utopia/National Treasure)

"Transgressive, funny, and downright offensive" The Quietus

"Krent Able is one of the UK's most hilarious, vicious, unsettling illustrators.
He also does't exist"

"I was captivated by it's tongue in cheek approach to it's subject" Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

“The hybrid style worked really well...adds to the fun.” Philip Ilson, LSFF

“Great…a really fun film.”  Charlie Phillips, The Guardian

“We just fell in love with it.” Celluloid Screams

“Innovative, cleverly executed, psychologically chilling - one to watch out for in 2017” Hayley’s Horror

"An exciting and informative documentary that becomes a horror film!” Stuart Wright, Britflicks

GAG_Poster_1 1920.jpg

american the Bill hicks Story

“Absolutely fascinating.” Edgar Wright
"Film of the Week" Kermode & Mayo, 5LIVE
“Fascinating” Variety
“Groundbreaking” Hollywood Reporter
“Utterly inspiring...flawless” Maxim
“Fantastic....incredibly entertaining” Aint It Cool News
“Nothing short of astounding” Time Out
“The most visually inventive bio-doc ever - a kinetic masterpiece” The Observer
“Fascinating – we can see why he was glorious” The New Yorker Magazine
“Thought-provoking, heartbreaking, and hilarious”
“Incredibly inspirational…deeply moving” IFC News
“Excellent doc…great exploration of the man” Huffington Post

Best Documentary Awards/Nominations:                 
Dallas International Film Festival – WINNER Best Doc
Grierson Awards, UK – Most Entertaining Documentary (nom)
Glasgow - Evening Times '5 Best of the Fest'
Cinema Eye Awards, NY – Best Graphics (nom)
Little Rock Film festival – WINNER Best Doc
Downtown LA Film Festival – WINNER Best Doc
Biografilm Bologna, Italy – WINNER Best Doc
Focal International Awards – Best Use of Archive (nom)

Rotten Tomatoes Top Films of 2011 – no.4 in this well respected reviews aggregator.
No.6 in iTunes All Time BestSellers Docs Chart.
Top 10 Films of the Year Lists
• Rotten Tomatoes 2011
• – Top 10 Movies
• IndiePixFilms
• Yourturnheather
• ScreengrabX

IMDB rating of 8.2 out of 10, putting American in the top 50 best docs of all time.


TCM Classics - Highly Recommended
Manhattan Short Film Festival - finalist
VVUK Best Short Award - Wandsworth Film Festival
British Council Overseas Submissions programme
Film London Production Award

"Really impressive - what a great central concept."
Rachael Prior - Working Title

"A stylish, beautifully paced film that tackles a sensitive subject from
a new perspective. Matt Harlock is a director with vision and confidence."

Andrea Corbett, Film London

"One of the very best entries we had. It has all the elements of a successful short."
Nick Hart, TCM Classic Shorts

"Most of all the credit goes to director Matt Harlock for keeping the levels
and the pace right on the button. Lovely film."

Nick Mason, Manhattan Short Film Festival