NoDirectionHome is the informal Soho director's community. We feature guest interviews
with top UK directors & producers, intimate discussion and insider info over a beer every couple of months in Soho.

But why? We believe directors don’t speak to each other as often as they should, and that sharing information
and experiences with others has real world benefits. Experience level is: first feature & beyond.

We are extremely proud that our patron is Marc Munden (Utopia, Crimson Petal, Vanity Fair, Black Sails)
and "the no.1 director working in TV today" Broadcast Magazine Hot 100

Please come and join us - send a short bio to & say hello.

Previous NDH guests: 

• Walter Murch (Godfather, Apocalypse Now, The Conversation)
• Gareth Tunley (The Ghoul)
• John Maclean (Slow West, Pitch Black Heist)
• Jon Drever (Superbob, Grain Media)
• Robin Hill (Down Terrace, Kill List, Sightseers - wri/ed)
• Amit Gupta (Resistance, Jadoo)
• Rebecca Johnson (Honeytrap)
Corin Hardy (The Hallow)
Richard Holmes (Eden Lake, Resistance, Creative England Head of Prod.)
Ed Lovelace (The Possibilities Are Endless)
Andrew Hulme (Snow in Paradise)
Marc Munden (Crimson Petal, Utopia)
The Blaine brothers (Nina Forever)
Chris Shepherd (Dad’s Dead, The Ringer)
David Bond & Ash Jones, Green Lions (Erasing David, Project Wild Thing)
Ben Timlett & Bill Jones (Absolutely Anything, Monty Python: Almost The Truth, Believe)