In Ink, Cocks & Rock'n'Roll, controversial graphic artist Steve Martin is being interviewed
about his alter ego - the perverted monster that is Krent Able.
But where does Krent stop and Steve start...and who is in control?

"Krent Able is one of the UK's most hilarious, vicious,
unsettling illustrators. He also doesn't exist"

Krent’s work has appeared in NME, Vice, Stool Pigeon and the Guardian Guide.
A fascinating portrait of a renowned artist...and the terrible evil that lurks within.

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“Now a new documentary film by Matt Harlock and Halflife Films looks at the strange divide between the artist Steve Martin and that odd malevolent presence known as Krent Able who bursts forth from his physical shell to spew his invective across the comics page. I was captivated by its tongue-in-cheek approach to its subject. It’s one that plays up the Jekyll and Hyde conceit at its heart to bleakly comedic effect while still proving informative and enlightening about Able’s creative process.” Broken Frontier

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Celluloid Screams, Sheffield, Oct 23rd 2016
SFIndieFest's Another Hole in the Head, San Francisco Nov 6th
London Short Film Festival Jan 9th 2017
British Shorts Berlin 14th Jan 2017
Dublin International Film Festival 25th Feb 2017
Athens Int. Film Festival Ohio, April 2017
LOCO Comedy Film festival May 7th
Fastnet Film Festival, Dublin, Ireland - May 24th - NOMINATED: BEST DIRECTOR
Philip K. Dick Film Festival, New York - May 27th
On Vous Ment International Mockumentary Festival, Lyon, France - June 4th - OFFICIAL COMPETITION
Shooting People's Film of the Month
- July 2017 WINNER
MOTEL X Horror Festival Lisbon, Portugal - Sept 2017
Exit 6 Film Festival Guildford - Sept 23rd 2017
Raindance Film Festival - Sept 24th 2017 NOMINATED: BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY
Edinburgh Short Film Festival - ESFF
Crystal Palace Film Festival  October 27, 2017
Valley Film Festival, LA - 25-29th Oct 2017
Aesthetica SFF York, UK - Nov 2017  TOP 10 BEST OF THE FEST - The Film Magazine
Sochi International Film Festival
, Dec 2017 - WINNER: Short Film


 “A visceral, tangible immersive gore. Outrageous fun." Corin Hardy (The Hallow, The Nun)
• "Great piece of work - really opened a hidden can of cultural worms to dip my head into.” Marc Munden (Utopia/National Treasure)
• "Krent Able is one of the UK's most hilarious, vicious, unsettling illustrators. He also does't exist"
"I was captivated by it's tongue in cheek approach to it's subject" Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier
• “The hybrid style worked really well...adds to the fun.” Philip Ilson, LSFF
• “It is great…really fun film.” Charlie Phillips, The Guardian
• “We just fell in love with it.” Celluloid Screams
• “Innovative, cleverly executed, psychologically chilling - one to watch out for in 2017” Hayley’s Horror
• "A fascinating watch from start to finish. BEST OF THE FEST TOP 10" The Film Magazine

LOCO Film Festival screening - BFI, May 7th 2017 - thanks to Denise, Jonathan, Mind's Eye & the whole Loco team x



London Premiere/cast & crew at Warner Brother's DelaneLea:

Ink, Cocks & Rock'n'Roll World Premiere at Celluloid Screams in Sheffield, thanks to all the crew there and Robert Nevitt,
a great screening with some great audience reactions - see clip below..

Starring: Steve Martin as himself
Phil Hebblethwaite (Stool Pigeon)
Paul Gravett (Comics Unmasked)
John Doran (The Quietus)
Shaky Kane - comic artist
Cinematographer      Kess Bohan
Sound design/mix     Simon Wright
Original music by      Steve Martin & Nikky French
Hair & Make Up         Deanna V'Clevska & Neusa Neves
Motion Graphics       Territory Studio
Written by                  Matt Harlock & Steve Martin
Directed by               Matt Harlock

Krent Able's Work
has appeared in Vice, NME, Stool Pigeon, Aaarg! and the Guardian Guide amongst others.
Follow him here: @krentable