Kingsize (14mins, 1999)

It’s 6am, your mates talking bollocks, there's no cabs and you've no idea where you're girlfriend's got to. 
Losing it and nowhere to go – how do you feel?

Matt shot much of this 16mm drama short at a live underground club, taking us through the highs
and lows of a proper big night out a year before Human Traffic.

British Council supported European Premiere at the Cinefeel Pompidou show.
UK Premiered at the Raindance Film Festival.

• Cinefeel UK/ Brit Council Pompidou Show
• Volcano Film Festival
• Raindance Film Festival
• Portobello Film Festival
• Few Brave Men
• Wandsworth Film Festival VVUK Best of the Fest Award

“Excellent – a rare example of a pic that involves British club culture and does it justice”
Dan Jolin, Total Film Magazine