NEW EXT. LOCATION - Thurs 14th / fri 15th DEC

Dulwich Cricket Club
27 Burbage Road, SE24 9HG

(By public transport: Herne Hill station - 3mins walk)
Contact: Daniel Peters, Dulwich Cricket Club 07941 241784


LOCATION - INT. BASEMENT (sc.11, 12, 13, 14, 16) 

CT Building, Unit 1, Docklands Depot,
26 North Woolwich Road, Silvertown, E16 2AB

(By public transport: West Silvertown on DLR)
Contact: Emily Gunn, Tower Hamlets Film Office  07946 690877 

location specific areas by scene











Creation requirement:

Stop/Go sign
Mannequin bodies/heads/parts
Demon door (see pics below) 
- EXT hinged version to apply to wall
- INT version - the 'back' to use in the interior location, no detail required
Basement dressing - flickering fluro strip lights, rubbish, chevron pillars
Pillars - yellow & black chevron pillar mock ups, two sides, 8 feet high, to place around pillars
Movable wall section - 4 x 4 feet for camera move reveals
Transit van (decrepit) w. Deep Clean vinyl logo on side
TENT - white builders tent, w poss yellow/black
Road cones - have 6 already















demon door reference

To be created/fabricated to place against wall in tent at ScenaPro location,
- hinged, broken padlock, graphics to be supplied by Matt, needs to partially open.