We are very pleased to report that Deep Clean has successfully wrapped. Shooting from the 14th- 20th December, we have since been editing away over the Xmas break. 

Our amazing cast - Paul KayeTony Way & Joshua Glenister knocked it out of the park and our DOP Greg Duffield (Raised By Wolves, Man Down, The Windsors) and his excellent team have delivered some amazing footage, all pulled together with love and an iron fist by Rebekah Renford and Laura Kirby, our awesome production team. 

Our top production designer Natalie O'Connor and her team created a series of beautifully dilapidated mannequin factory basement sets and we finally got to break out our lovely doll maggot in all it's glory courtesy of Dan Martin and his 13 Finger FX team - a real sight to see it finally spring to horrible, squirming life under the watchful eye of Steve/Krent Able who 'kept it horror 4 real'.

Heres some pics from the shoot - more to come soon!

Crew ALL LOGO.jpg