Wow - what a truly amazing night and a personal wish-list item fulfilled. NoDirectionHome was thrilled to present Francis Ford Coppola’s The Conversation on 35mm plus an extended Q&A with special guest Walter Murch, hosted by Matt on August 2nd at Curzon Soho.

Coppola’s 1974 movie The Conversation is about Harry Caul, a socially withdrawn surveillance expert (Gene Hackman) who is employed by a mysterious figure (Robert Duvall) and his assistant (Harrison Ford) to surreptitiously record a couple's conversation. As Harry pieces together fragments of recordings, he uncovers a mystery - perhaps a murder - but as he finds out more, does he actually know less? The Conversation is a classic study of trust, intimacy, suspicion and paranoia.

Massive thanks of course to Walter, Aggie and Taghi Amirani, and hats off to Michael Garrad at Curzon Soho,  and the NDH Crew - Laura Kirby, Steve Martin, Mike Chapman, Roxy, and all the guests for coming down to a sold out evening. More events to come soon...

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